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Sasuke demands an explanation from Naruto as to why he brought along children, which prompts Sarada to reveal that she wanted to ask him about the identity of her biological mother, along with a slew of other questions regarding Karin in the photograph and the reason behind his absence. Sasuke refuses to answer any of her questions, and Sarada storms out of the temple in anger. As Naruto attempts to comfort her, he recalls when Sasuke held a meeting with the Five Kage and Sakura where they discussed an issue revolving Kaguya , the White Zetsu Army , and the possible emergence of a new threat.

As Sasuke has taken it upon himself to investigate this matter, Naruto informs Sarada that her father is one of the greatest shinobi alive. Meanwhile, Shin's father meets with his son and several copies of him, proclaiming the revival of the Akatsuki. Teleporting to the temple via the Sharingan creature, Shin and his father launch an attack on Sarada, which Naruto counters.

Sensing danger, Sasuke emerges from the temple and prepares to confront the enemy. Elsewhere, Sakura awakens and begins her journey towards the temple where her family resides. Reunions and Revelations Sasuke engages Shin in battle. The mysterious man immediately guides his weapons towards Sasuke who easily counters with his sword and proceeds to attack.

The enemy manages to block Sasuke's advance while his son attacks, prompting Sasuke to evade. When Sasuke releases a large fireball at the duo, the older man uses his son as a shield against the attack.

Defeated, the older man commends Sasuke's skills and reveals himself as Shin Uchiha, possessing the same name as his son.

While Naruto plans his escape with the children, he is stabbed in the abdomen with Sasuke's sword, which Shin manipulated due to their earlier encounter.

With Naruto weakened, Shin's blades hurl towards Sarada, leaving Sasuke with no choice but to jump in front of her and take the blades. As Shin starts to make his next move, Sakura arrives and pummels him into the ground. Reuniting with her family and her former teamates , she begins apologising to Sarada for keeping secrets, to which Sasuke replies that the fault lays with him.

While Sasuke does so, the Sharingan creature teleports Shin and his son back to their base, with Sakura caught in the middle and dragged in as well. Recovering from the battle, Shin begins to surgically replace his liver with his son's, much to Sakura's disgust. Orochimaru explains the origins of Shin to Naruto's group.

During the surgery, Shin explains to Sakura that his son was just one of many clones of himself that he had created with his own teeth and nerves. After revealing that he was once a test subject of Orochimaru 's, he begins to explain his philosophy of how conflict is essential for human evolution and his views on the role of genetics, which Sakura vehemently refutes.

Meanwhile, without any leads to go on after Sakura's capture, Naruto's group decide to meet with Orochimaru and ask him what he knows about the situation.

Without wasting time, Orochimaru explains Shin's history: he was a former experiment whose unique body would accept anything transplanted into it without rejection, which made him the perfect test subject.

Eventually, Shin learned about and became fascinated with Itachi Uchiha , leading to him abandoning Orochimaru and taking all but one clone with him. Orochimaru informs the group that the clones are unlike the standard Shadow Clone Technique , and that they can only be stopped by being killed.

Orochimaru's speech disgusts Sarada and Sasuke demands to know Shin's whereabouts, to which Orochimaru agrees to tell him so Sasuke can kill Shin for him. Sasuke manifests his Susanoo to transport the group to Shin's location. While changing rooms for more information on where to find Shin, Sarada gets Suigetsu's attention, and they sneak away from the rest of the group.

In a private location, Sarada requests that Suigetsu do a DNA test with the use of a umbilical cord that Suigetsu thinks belongs to Karin to confirm if Sakura or Karin is her birth mother. After comparing DNA from both Sarada and the umbilical cord, the test seemingly reveals that Karin is Sarada's real mother. Meanwhile, noticing Sarada and Suigetsu to be gone, Naruto finds their location and eavesdrops on their conversation, becoming angry at the idea that Sasuke was unfaithful to Sakura and at Suigetsu's involvement.

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Naruto Gaiden: The Seventh Hokage and the Scarlet Spring

Education Neuquen Vendor: Microsoft Certifications: I will drive away the two people together. But the hegemony of blood ability has Exam Dumps caused one thing.

However, he hurriedly accidentally dropped a video camera and saw it near. If you are lucky Vce Download enough to escape, you will have to be chased every day. The figure is pulling out the shadow of the road. The sand stricken crane that was stimulated by blood began to madly violently. And do I—" He stopped, biting his lip.

On all of this stuff. Naruto barked out a laugh. It didn't sound happy.

Yeah—I," Naruto cleared his throat, "sure. I'll do that. What's one more delay, right? Naruto spared him one last glance, before nodding, his eyes suspiciously bright. Sasuke turned away from them. He growled, crushing another paper in his fist and pulling out a blank page.

(PDF) 2019 New Dynamics-POS-2009 078-702 Preparation Materials 2018 (Question 301-Question 350)

The letters from Naruto had been relentless, long, and full of questions, concerns, problems— Sasuke frowned, scanning over the page again. The stupid idiot should have included some photos or something—he had no idea what he was talking about— And herein lied the problem with this plan.

Sasuke did not want to go back to Konoha. He did not. But he…cared. He cared about his former home. He had been thinking about it—almost constantly, since Naruto had left, and the barrage of letters certainly hadn't helped. He sighed. Naruto had—miraculously—championed the effort to allow Sasuke the same leniency as the Sannins had once had.

He could come and go from Konoha as he pleased, be away for as long as he liked, and complete as many or as little missions as he desired—all while remaining a ninja of the village, if only in title. In spite of everything they had put together to deliver to the council, he still had no idea how the blonde had managed it. So—in theory—he could visit the village. He could. He could visit—briefly, give instructions, and leave as quickly as possible. Naruto would, of course, be hopeful and excited, and stare at him with those eyes, but no amount of guilt would make Sasuke stay in the village that had betrayed him so badly.

Even if it's what Itachi would have wanted. Even if it meant being away from Naruto… Sasuke frowned, reading over the blonde's letter again.

It was messy and disjointed—but that was nothing new. Naruto's visits had been getting fewer—and with more time in between—ever since he had begun this quest for reform. And this last visit, Naruto had looked…even more fatigued than usual. Which was saying something.

Not that he was worried about the blonde. Naruto could take care of himself. The ink smudged, there, in Naruto's letter again—well, it was less of a smudge and more blurred along the edges, as if the page had been somehow wet…by a single drop of water…in several, separate places… Sasuke swallowed.


It was stupid. It might have been the dumbest thing he'd ever done—although, really, that list went on for quite some time— Sasuke swallowed, looking up at the gates.The stupid idiot should have included some photos or something—he had no idea what he was talking about— And herein lied the problem with this plan.

Sasuke manifests his Susanoo to transport the group to Shin's location. Sarada remarks on his Sharingan as her mother had told her that aside from Sasuke, they were the last of the Uchiha. A True Family Sarada defeats Shin's clones. He growled, crushing another paper in his fist and pulling out a blank page. Utakata saves her, and the bandit's leader shows that Utakata is being hunted for 50 million ryo. While Naruto plans his escape with the children, he is stabbed in the abdomen with Sasuke's sword, which Shin manipulated due to their earlier encounter.

We still haven't started," he didn't sound happy about the fact, "because we're still evaluating—everything. Sasuke, Sakura, and Sarada are finally able to take a proper portrait as a family.

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