YouTube™ Tutorial. What is YouTube? YouTube is a video sharing website on which users can upload and share videos. How did it start? Three former PayPal . You'll learn ways to tell your stories on YouTube through video and capture viewers' . Beauty and fashion videos on YouTube range from helpful tutorials to . YouTube™ Tutorial. What is YouTube? YouTube is a video sharing website on which users can upload and share videos. How did it start? Three former PayPal .

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You'll learn ways to tell your stories on YouTube through video and capture viewers' . Beauty and fashion videos on YouTube range from helpful tutorials to . Abstract: In this paper, we report on the usage of video tutorials that supplemented physics Keywords: video, tutorials, engagement, youtube analytics, physics kipentoriber.ga, visited on May Fill, edit, sign, and share PDFs on any device. Learn the basics, or refine your skills with tutorials designed to inspire. Adobe Acrobat DC for new users.

Make it readable — It's hard to remember something you can't even read out loud. Don't add numbers — It's fine to use numbers if they have a specific play in your name. But if you want to add a random number or your birthday to the end of your name because the username you want is taken, just don't.

YouTube Analytics basics for Creator Studio Classic

These kinds of channels are perceived to be far from professional. Use wordplay — Wordplays are always easier to remember because they are usually fun to read. Rhymes, words that start with the same letter, puns — play around. I'll remember it even if I don't follow cooking channels. Use a tool to stimulate ideas — If you want some inspiration for your name, and even find the perfect pick if you're in luck, you can use a tool like Spinxo.

Just add some words that define you and your channel and this tool will generate some ideas for you Brainstorming the best channel name 1. Write down words that describe you. Make a thorough list of any words that pop into your mind when you think about what defines you.

What kind of vibe do you want to spread? How would you describe yourself or your business in one word? For example, if you are an artsy person you can think about words like colorful, passion, inspire, vivid, and so on. Write words that describe your content. What are you going to talk about?

How can you define the topics in one word? Think about synonyms for your words. Mix the words you wrote down. Don't worry about their quality yet. Just randomly pick words and combine them. You'll find the perfect name by letting yourself play around and experiment. That's how brilliant ideas come to life.

The YouTube channel art To make your channel look amazing you're able to upload two kinds of images. The header, which is referred to as the channel art, and the logo, which is called channel icon on YouTube. It's the home of your videos so you want it to look friendly to visitors and make them subscribe. You need to position the text in the middle because the cover displays differently across devices. You can do the graphics yourself following some guidelines if you have some design skills or you can use some help.

Use templates — YouTube channel art templates are useful because you don't have to worry about positioning the text to properly show on each device.

They are already positioned. The only thing you have to do is modify the text with your own words. Have someone design your art — You can find professional graphic designers on sites like Fiverr, 99design, and such. Setting up your YouTube channel Once you decided on your niche and figured out your game plan, let's see how to create a YouTube channel. The process is simple and straightforward. After your Google account is ready, head over to YouTube and click on your account thumbnail in the top right corner.

A drop-down list will pop up. By default, it will automatically pull out the name associated with your Google account. Now your channel is up. It's time to make it look alive. It will show you how the channel art is displayed differently across different devices.

Make sure your art is showing its main part on all devices. Not like in the example below: To set up your channel icon, hover your mouse over the square in the left corner and click on the little pen that pops up.

It will take you to your Google profile to change the image. Your channel looks way friendlier now, doesn't it? Step 3: Fill in your profile details Adding the right description is part of how to make a successful YouTube channel.

When viewers will head to your YouTube channel, they'll want to read about what your channel is about. Create an engaging copy that expresses what you do and triggers people's curiosity to find more. You have up to characters to play around with, make the best of them. Make sure to also add keywords related to your niche in the description.

You can also add links to your website and social profiles that will show on your YouTube channel in the right of the channel art. The links you add to your YouTube channel will display on top of your channel art. Step 4: Verify your YouTube channel Once you're done with fancying your YouTube channel, it's time to verify it so you have full access to the YouTube perks like using custom thumbnails, uploading longer videos, sponsorships and more. All you have to do is head down to YouTube features while logged in into your account and click verify.

You can choose to verify your account either through a phone call or via a text message. Add your phone number and you'll receive a verification code. Now your YouTube channel setup is done and you're ready to start uploading videos. YouTube beginners tips I'll give you the best practices to keep in mind when you'll start uploading content to your channel. Video trailer You can add a video trailer on your YouTube channel that shows up to the viewers who are not subscribed to your channel yet.

Having a trailer is a great way to captivate attention and gain more subscribers. Make a short introduction to express what your channel is about. Make sure you hook viewers interest and ask them to subscribe through annotations.

Compelling thumbnails The video thumbnail and title are the first things viewers see when your video is displayed on YouTube. This is awesome guide to improve youtube video promotionals. It helped me with more unknown points. Thanks neil patel for this guide. Thanks again Neil. I can see everything your saying about youtube as a platform. I love youtube. The quality of the video, and the actual value are things that are a must to get that kind of response, as you pointed out. The more energy you put into making awesome and engaging videos, the better your results.

Especially since people around the world are trying to get attenion. Awesome stuff Neil! Thanks for enhancing our knowledge. YouTube is one giant piece of the pie that no marketer should miss!

And yes, as you say it does take time to build up on those views. Consistency is the key here. And unlike a standard blog post, making videos is expensive. In order to make decent videos, one has to have a decent studio or a background, and invest in tools like camera, microphone, software etc. Awesome Post Neil. Very informative and great helped to me, one of video makers in digital marketing world. I do have an email list of or so. Struggled mightily with it even though my market is kind of perfect for it.

Maybe you can zone in within the sports niche a bit more? This is really helpful. Neil I never thought I could offer you advice but here it is. The associated web site link is invaluable because the viewer does not have to leave the page.

Think of it as a sitelink extension. I use to allow viewers to go directly to a scheduling page on my website.

As long as the web site is associated with you you tube channel you can set this up. Hope you like this one. We met at War Room a few times dont expect you to remember but probably the only guy from the Bronx who sat with you at lunch.

I was looking for this article only. Once again Thank you. Neil, this is simply outstanding. So much juicy, shareable goodness in this post. Thank you. The content is too short but effective. I love the information you share here. Its an well written blog post by you. This is awesome blog post. Good stuff Neil. As I am about to jump on the YouTube video train with my mad baking tip skills and tip, I find your tips and tricks to be most helpful.

Thanks again. Fantastic post i have youtube channel through which i am getting views daily. I want to increase upto views daily but could not do now got some point which i will implement and hoping some good result.

This guide can definitely help you reach your goals, let me know how about your results. Hi Neil, and thanks for a very useful post. I have made some videos but for some reason did not publish them yet. Now I got that inspiration. Hi, I personally find YouTube as one of the best sources for branding any product or website, along with easy to connect with readers extra advantage on another hand. I was also thinking on starting my own channel..

Thank you for great tutorial.. Best Regards. Your game will change once you integrate this into your strategy. Awesome Stuff Neil. Would Definitely like to start a YouTube Channel under my brand name. YouTube is the 2nd Largest search engine after google and its scope has been increasing day by day as people are preferring watching videos over reading. There will only become more and more opportunities for those who are willing to take action. I was thinking to start a youtube channel related to tech.

Thank god I came across such a nice article. It helped me understand major points to consider. Thank You. Pari, once you establish your foundation with youtube, you can leverage your other channels to build this out. Good read! I learned how to use whats trending and videos to get more quality traffic for my online business.

This comes from a reliable source Tim Schmoyer. Less emphasis should be on that and more on Cards. Views matter much less then Total Watch time and Session watch time. An emphasis should be put on audio quality and lighting as both are highly overlooked for Youtube success.

Thank Neli , i keep learning new things from you! Hi Neli It is just a niche post and quite long one too. I have just bookmarked it. This guide will definitely help me to build a successful YouTube channel. I noticed Troll comments is not an issue. But is there any way to find the troll comment?

Is that same way like what we get for the blog post comment? Will that make any issue in our YouTube channel?

Tip of the Week: Including YouTube Videos in Interactive Documents

I am new to this part. So kindly provide the solution. Focus on building out your channel and creating awesome content. Highbrow is a learning platform of bite-sized courses delivered straight to inbox daily.

I really appreciate the time you take in creating such wonderful content. Thanks mr Neil Patel and keep it up!! Great post. But I have a question: I know that we can add subtitles in the videos and that can improve ranking, but could we transcribe them and put them on our websites? Yes, you can transcriber and put them on the website. I would get the transcription cleaned up and organized though.

Just like all other posts. This one is also awesome. Will follow your tips to build a youtube channel for my site right now our youtube link is blank. This will be a great guide to get you started Shanaya. Try incorporating a couple tips at a time so you can track and measure the changes in results. Let me know how the strategy works out for you. I m a youtuber since last year now.. I m making videos on various aspects like tutorials, tips and tricks, motivation, funny..

I can understand how you would feel frustrated Salman. Youtube is a tough game, but you need to stick with it before you can begin to see results.

Think of all your videos as practice that you get to become better and better on video. Thanks for the suggestion Megha, I think most of those tools have wordpress plugins these days. Check with their support team. I think video is great for those people who are not so camera shy. Most people feel a little shy or awkward at first, that was especially the case for me Ivan.

Like anything you do, performing in front of the camera is a skill, something anyone can develop. Start learning about communicating through body language. Paul, I created the guide based on my experiences with my companies, clients, and businesses I help.

Hi Neil! A very good, in depth post about one of the best websites in the world. Great content and great information thank you! Great post once again Neil. If done correctly YouTube can generate good traffic. I believe video markering is the future of SEO. Do you think so? Well …I Appreciate your article.. Let me know how things work out for you. I add my thank you to all the others and I, too, have bookmarked this post. Wonderful content here.

This guide will help you build your channel effectively so you can spend your time focusing on the strategy. Hi Neil Patel, As always your this post is also fantastic. Thanks for your precious post…………….. I hope you get value out of implementing the ideas and build a youtube channel of your own. My personal one for my branding and a creative commons based channel where I share and monetize authority figures in my niche.

Let me know how things work out for you or if you need any help. Great article from Great Person. Thank you Niel Patel for the great article.

The Complete Guide to Building a Successful YouTube Channel

Today i found new techniques for my youtube channel. My channel is linked with adsense and im getting low cpc like 0. The more subscribers you get, views, engagement etc, that number will begin to rise. Keep it going and notice your momentum building up.

I have one question. What should be ideal frequency to publish videos on new channel?

Aim to publish a minimum of one video per week. I searched on google how to get traffic on my channel but im not getting success. Im now feeling very hopeless bez im not getting any earnings. Now i only have hope from you if you can share some knowledge of how to increase youtube channel views it will be grate. Instead of trying to make money from youtube, create content that brings your viewers to your own site, that way you have more control over how you monetize.

Hello neil thanks for helping me. I used them in my video title also but no good cpc can u tell me how can i use this keywords? Find a topic you can be passionate about, and research existing blogs. I was in the dire need to such a well-explained guide regarding building my own YouTube Channel. Thanks for sharing this ultimate guide. You can move really quick with Youtube and have some fun doing some creative stuff.

Starting a YouTube channel would you advise using my name or the name of my company? How does it affect long term strategy, if at all? Awesome post. Really great tips for a perfect blogging. I am now focus on creating high quality content for my blog and this article really helps me a lot. Thanks Salani! Let me know how your youtube strategy works out.

Great post Neil. You have covered everything from making the actual video to promoting to building a brand. People should have a call to action and links that lead back to their website. Very intersting and helpful. Any thoughts? Thanks for your time! Keep creating new videos. I think in efforts to create more, better videos, you need to work on becoming better at acting, the story, etc.

Look at it from that perspective. I have started my youtube channel but i like reviewing phones most and i didnt have any subscribers yet and i want some products for free to review in youtube about their poducts and phones can u help me in getting atleast one to prove my talent or can u suggest me another new phone companies that are new and can give me their products for review.

People who are successfull in the business have been doing it for years. Hi Neil, I loved the tips. It is quite relevant that you did a lot of research before writing this. I love it! I just devised a plan of action based off your post. I would love if you shared with me some of your thoughts or suggestions! Very useful article! Has me feeling a bit more excited and less apprehensive about beginning my attempts in video content.. Hey thanks Neil, I frequently read you blog and find it very useful.

The above things I will be applying to build my Youtube channel. Feeling awesome reading your post. Keep going on…. They have a network of big YouTube channels that they cross promote and they also negotiate advertising rights differently. I think. THank you very much Neil. Im french and I read you to grow up my business and it works thanks to you, so thank you! I am a 17 years old student and I want to earn money by uploading videos on YouTube but I am not getting success to built a youtube channel.

Pls help me. So would you recommend uploading videos on Youtube, Facebook or your own website or on all of them the same videos? It is interesting to me since I have all three channels. You should upload videos to all the platforms you use.

A directly uploaded video on facebook would work a lot better than posting something on youtube and then sharing it on fb. Very helpfully article and i appreciate you for this. YouTube is great platform nowadays. These ways are very good. I want to share one more way with you it works for me. You can share your youtube video link on http: I am a UK lawyer who has been wondering for a long time why the legal profession do not use youtube as a marketing tool.

I have started a small channel and have being trying to clear my in-tray to give it more attention. Is it perhaps the case that, unlike your case of health and fitness, youtube is not the best forum or way in which people tend to look for legal assistance and advice? Check out this video on youtube with almost 6. You really explained everything in detail and it will help all newcomers to launch a successful YouTube Channel! Kudos for the post. Simple things want to mention.

There is so many recomodendtion out there on Internet, people want short and useful notes. Bye bye. Not only on YouTube…. Koocam is the perfect site for those who wants to work from home by selling their knowledge. Any knowledge is required. Wow, this is a nice piece of info.

I actually read all through to the end. It is time to take actions now… Building my own channel soon. Thanks for the article Neil, i started a new youtube channel this article helped me alot. I found this information very helpful and the narration was so friendly , felt like someone was holding a chalk and teaching right in front of me. Thank you Neil. Just the advice I needed to give me step by step plan to get this off the ground.

Been thinking about it too long — time to take action! Very helpful! It was helpful what you said about the descriptions. I just wrote a sentence or two. I will be sure to incorporate more keywords into it. I had just been doing the keywords in the keyword section.

Thanks for the good tips! Hi Neil. This is a great post. Well done. What do you think is the reason behind it and what impact do you think it will have for advertisers? Also I do not like where you tube has put it.

I want the subscribe button lower and not where the video is playing!. Hi Neil, Thanks for this wonderful post. This is going to be so much useful while creating the videos for our you tube channel. I also appreciate your detailed and elaborate article. We are also working on creating video for our production house https: Thanks for sharing the marvelous info. It is an excellent article which helps me a lot.

I expect we will get this type of informative article more and more. These YouTube ranking factors also helped me http: Quick Sprout Make Better Content. There are opportunities everywhere for content marketers. Video is still content, so you need to start with an audience You should treat a YouTube content strategy just like you would treat a content strategy on any other channel. Try to get even more specific than that.

For example: And so on… Determine the things they care about the most. Video is great for certain types of content: How do you make videos like these? The whiteboard videos are a bit trickier unfortunately. Upwork Elance Guru On top of filming a high quality video, you will also need to edit it. He created those over a period of a few years. This does a few major things.

Where else can YouTube get feedback from? More views typically lead to better rankings as long as the audience retention is good. Rating thumbs up and down — Users can also rate a video by giving it a thumbs up or thumbs down. The higher this ratio is, the better.

Similarly, no one will subscribe after watching a bad video. Views to favorites or social shares — Just like with subscribing, people will also share a video only if they like it. Comments — If a video is inspiring a lot of comments, it may be good.

Views rule YouTube rankings While there are several factors that contribute to YouTube rankings, quality views are the most important. The takeaway: Rand Fishkin does it often: Obviously, the bigger the number, the better.

If someone says something legitimately negative about your video, take it as an opportunity to learn and improve your future videos. Conclusion YouTube is a fantastic marketing opportunity for businesses interested in content marketing. Now, you need to take action. Comments Manpreet Singh: January 22, at 8: Fantastic post Neil! Thanks for the helpful information.

Do you have a youtube channel?

Learn how to work with Dorico

Neil Patel: January 22, at 2: Julie Syl Kalungi: January 27, at 3: January 27, at August 25, at 8: Do you have one yet? If not, do you plan on getting one? Would love to subscribe…. August 29, at May 10, at 8: If you dont have one ,how can i trust you what you jast writen is provenly work? May 11, at 1: Umesh Singh: Visual content is going rule in the future.

This post will be helpful to create a successful YouTube channel. January 22, at 3: Abdul Haseeb: Awesome post Neil! Youtube is also a great source of traffic.

Eduardo Cornejo: Hey Neil, Amazing post. Thanks for this post! That sounds like a great start Eduardo. Demonstrating your value is the way to go. Christopher Pontine: Hey Neil, Great post: Quite a shocking number to know YouTube ranks 2. Thanks, Chris. Jason Noel: January 22, at 9: I love when things work out that way Jason, glad I could be of help.

Neeeraj Goswami: Most people love videos Sangeetha, might as well take advantage of that opportunity. Come back and let me know how it works out for you Robson. Hey Neil A very good, in depth post about one of the most highest traffic websites in the world.

Jeffrey Manu: Anjana Rajendran: Excellent and inspiring post, Neil — thank you. I am a great fan of YouTube — and not just cat videos and popular music. Marco Benavides Ferlini: January 22, at Hey Neil!

I just started with Youtube recently so I am glad you did this. Thanks for the great content, as always. Thanks again! Bill Portnova: January 23, at 9: January 24, at 2: Ravi chouhan: January 22, at 1: I think it will increase as people start realizing the money making opportunities online.

Neelam Kumari: January 22, at 5: January 23, at 5: Eric Smith: January 22, at 7: Here is the channel URL: January 23, at 6: Congrats on generating money from your Youtube channel, very few people ever get to that level.

Thanks for the worthy tips to create youtube channel successfully!! Insightful Post!! Satish kumar Ithamsetty: Thank you so much for this wonderful article! Perfect timing Surender, this will be a great guide for you. Thomas McCallum: Elaine Gerstley: Take advantage of second most trafficked search engine.

Have a great weekend! Cheers, Jane. January 23, at Hey Neil, Question: I found that there so many steps to build a successful YouTube channel. Thanks for great post. January 23, at 7: Pick out a couple to try Jenny, then monitor and track your results. Mohammad Umair: January 23, at 1: M B Pandey: You rock.

Details are sufficient to build a channel on. It will help a lot. Keep going. M B pandey. Hamza Butt: January 23, at 4: January 24, at 9: I remember you. I love it.

Anirudh Pulikonda: Lisa Irby: Lisa, I appreciate you linking to this for your ebook. January 23, at 2: Your guides are awesome Neil! Thanks for the useful and valuable tips. Troy S. That sounds like it could be an exciting show Troy, good luck with that! Mukesh Negi: Joomla Candy: January 24, at 1: Did you know that your embedded videos are not responsive?

At least not on my iPhone. Thanks for youtube channel guide. I will try to make some video. January 24, at 3: Perfect guide for youtube channel creation. Thanks Neil for sharing this. Remsun Debbarma: January 24, at 8: January 24, at Darius Gaynor: Great job at being able to notice that Darius.

Let me know how the youtube channel works out. January 24, at 5: This is really good. Really surprised. Great job Neil! A couple of things worth looking at: January 25, at 4: Rajeev Mehra: January 25, at 6: Chris jeffery: January 25, at 1:Keep in mind that thumbnails are only half of the story.

Thank you Neil. This tutorial introduces 2 ways of coding collision detection: April 17, at 4: March 16, at 1: At first, you select the video format — either movie or Hollywood style trailer, and then you select a theme for transitions, titles, and chapters.

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