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Project schedules aren't always easy to make. Depending on the project, you can have a schedule that's clean and straightforward, or a tangled up pile of tasks. Project , the most recent incarnation of Microsoft's popular project management software, offers a tremendous wealth of functionality. Microsoft Project gain an understanding of the main Microsoft Project screen elements. ✓ gain an understanding of how Microsoft Project works. ✓ learn how to use the Ribbon.

The Project Manager needs to be sure there is enough resource to rollout out in several different locations at once.

Tasks with no predecessors In the image above Review Local Business Requirements has no predecessors. If a task has no predecessors then in theory there is nothing in the logic of the plan to prevent it happening right now.

Microsoft Project Server – Advantages over Project Client

If you have tasks without predecessors check the plan logic by asking: What is preventing this task happening today? If there are activities that need to happen before this task can start add them to your plan.

In this example, Review local requirements is probably dependent on a working group who will facilitate sessions to gather the requirements. This seems odd as surely Cutover go live is dependent on the fixes.

In all likelihood the answer will be no and may trigger the addition of more tasks to ensure all activities are included to get to the definition of Finished.

If you find the task task has no impact on the project end date then ask why it is on the project plan? However, a plan that is used to communicate a forecast go live should be questioned if it has tasks with missing successors or predecessors.

Overloaded resources Overloaded resources are a common issue on project plan.

Resources show as over-allocated when they are scheduled for more than the working time available. When plans are signed-off and a project has started and overallocated resources suggest an unrealistic plan and should be investigated.

How to Create Your Schedule with Microsoft Project 2016

To check if resources are overloaded look for a red person icon in the Indicator column. You can then use the Resource Usage view to understand why a resource is over-allocated.

While this can be an irritating question it is worth checking the logic of the schedule to ensure all parallel working has been considered.

I have seen project plans with tasks that run in a sequence from start to finish. This can be caused by the project manager missing the second step in planning sequence - Task precedence or product flow.

To overlap activities for parallel working the project manager may decide to use start to start, finish to finish or start finish task dependencies. These dependency types can cause delays to not be reflected correctly and should be used sparingly see start to start and finish to finish relationships.

MS Project Tutorial in PDF

Equally a generic role description is may not be enough to identify the individual who should be working on the task.

Forgetting holidays The sinking feeling that comes with realising a resource is booked to work over Christmas is not pleasant.

Project plans must always take into account working times and non-working times. Enter the project information, such as the project name and start date. Develop a work breakdown structure to organize your work.

Enter the tasks needed to create the WBS deliverables. Estimate the effort or duration for each task.

Assign resources to each task. Resolve any resource conflicts.

Baseline your schedule. Helpful Websites to Hone Microsoft Project Expertise Whether you consider project management an art or skill, Microsoft Project helps you do it better. Check out the following websites: Project Management Institute ProjectManagement.You will need to install Office Timeline Plus , which will add a timeline maker tab to the PowerPoint ribbon image below.

The sync wizard will identify any changes to the mpp file. Continue holding the Ctrl key to select other tasks.

If you want to download this book, click link in the last page 6. While this can be an irritating question it is worth checking the logic of the schedule to ensure all parallel working has been considered.

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